Sunday, April 19, 2015

HFNL : All Time Favorite Running Shirts

BLOG NOTE: I wrote this post on mobile.  Please excuse the format.  It will be  edited tonight when I'm on the computer to include proper links and more pics etc.  This post is originally meant to provide elaborate info on my instagram post today ob my feed @happynl.

The lovely @pascalle_n  ( marathoner & blogger @ Hungry Flamingo ) tagged me to share my favorite running shirts.

3 years going on 4 on the run (49 medals ��) and so grateful to belong in a very supportive running  world with diverse running communities composing of unique & fun running crews.

Today I will share the shirts representing groups of awesome runners, whose friendship & support have kept me running, believing, working and realising my dreams in the past 3 years.

Clockwise from top left:

@runningjunkies - after signing up for my first evar 4 EM  Ladies Damloop in 2011, after a successful first 5K, I stumbled upon the #runningjunkies group via #run2day @run2daynederland's FB page.  Since then I have met most of the inspiring runners, I know, some of whom I consider as friends for life.

@social_mile - I learned about this fun, crazy, focused & determined crew via a good friend @runlaugheatpie 2 years ago and ran with them as a team in last year's @marathonrotterdam.  They helped  keep the passion of marathon running in me alive this Winter while on their way to Paris

#nikerunningnl @nikerunning - on this pic good friend @udjen & I are together with @churandymartina by the first ever Nike running club run in Amsterdam.  Nike Summer challenges helped me a lot in running and finishing my first back to back marathon (Berlin and Amsterdam) in 2012.

@loopmaatjes - in the first year of creating my #HappyFeetintheNetherlands blog, I was very active on Twitter in search of like minded people, who share the love for running (and blogging about their experiences!).  I found all these motivating personalities, most of whom are now good friends in a wonderful community via the #loopmaatjes platform established by a great Dutch gentleman: @marteijn.

@themermaidclub - established almost 2 years ago by @running_mermaid (I met her while training for Berlin Marathon!) is an inspiring community of beautiful, strong, supportive women all over the world who in each of their unique ways #livelifemakewaves and help each other fulfill their dreams while fulfilling their own goals!

Last but not the least!

#meeusrunclub/#meeùsrunclub - in 2013 3 months after my injury, I won a VIP start number via #meeùs' running club.
Since then I have been privileged enough to be a part of this group running in different parts of the Netherlands and always being empowered by their support.

#Wiebrengtjouinbeweging?! #whokeepsyouactive?!  They do:#meeùsrunclub!

It is not about the pace nor the distance but it is about being outdoors and trying to do your best.  Not in competition with others but about improving yourself to stay healthy and strong.